Obsolete U.S. Coins

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    Obsolete American Coins

    Half Cent: Minted 1793 to 1857.

    Two Cent Piece: Minted 1864 to 1873.

    Three Cent Piece: Minted 1851 to 1889. 2 Varieties: one of silver and one of nickel.

    Twenty Cent Piece: Minted 1875 to 1878.

    Since the earliest years of the minting of coins in America, there have been denominations which are commonly referred to as “obsolete”, meaning that the denomination is no longer struck. The earliest obsolete denomination is the Half Cent, first struck in 1793. Several other interesting denominations followed: Two Cent Piece, Three Cent Piece, and the very exciting Twenty Cent Piece. These early coins are quite collectible ... add one of each denomination to your Type Set today.

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