Early Half Dollars

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    Early American Half Dollars, Bust Halves and Flowing Hair Halves

    Early American Half Dollars

    Minted 1794 to 1839

    First issued in 1794, the Silver Half Dollar was one of the earliest denominations issued by the newly formed United States of America. The earliest Type was the Flowing Hair Half Dollar, followed by the Draped Bust Half and the Capped Bust Half. An interesting note is that later in 1836, reeding was added to the edge of the half dollar replacing the lettered edge, creating two varieties for that year with reeding continuing through 1839. This Type was replaced by the long-lived Seated Liberty design. Throughout this series there are hundreds of varieties, from minor to quite significant, making these early series quite exciting areas to collect. Assemble the complete sets, or add just the right coins to your Type Set!

    Flowing Hair Half Dollar: Minted 1794 and 1795.

    Draped Bust Half Dollar: Minted 1796 to 1807. Small Eagle and Heraldic Eagle varieties.

    Capped Bust Half Dollar: Minted 1807 to 1836.

    Reeded Edge Bust Half: Minted 1836 to 1839.


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