Half Dimes

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    Early Half Dimes

    Flowing Hair Half Dime: Minted 1794 to 1795

    Bust Half Dime: Minted 1796 to 1837

    Seated Liberty Half Dime: Minted 1837 to 1873

    The U.S. mint began striking a five cent silver coin in 1794, one of the earliest denominations to be issued by our new government. The mint produced several designs, from the Flowing Hair to the Draped Bust to the Capped Bust. This continued into the year 1837, when the Mint officially introduced a Half Dime in the form of the newly designed Seated Liberty coin series, continuing through 1873. These attractive silver pieces are quite scarce and can be difficult to locate, making these series quite challenging but exciting to collect. Look over our inventory carefully; each coin is priced to please!

    8 products

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