Early Dollars

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    Early US Dollars, Bust Dollars, Flowing hair dollars

    Early U.S. Silver Dollars

    Minted 1794 to 1885

    Bust Dollars: Issued 1794 to 1804

    Seated Liberty Dollars: Issued 1840 to 1873

    Trade Dollars: Issued 1873 to 1885

    Early American Silver Dollars are some of the scarcest of all U.S. series. From the Flowing Hair and Bust Dollars of the 18th Century to the Seated Liberty Dollars and Trade Dollars, these are most desirable and a proud addition to any collection. Most of the early dollars were melted in the 19th and early 20th century, making these far more difficult to locate than mintages might indicate. Fill out or upgrade your sets today, or add quality and value to a Type Set!

    2 products
    1873-CC Trade Dollar . . . . Choice About Uncirculated
    1879 Trade Dollar . . . . AU Proof

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