At Mount Vernon Coin Company we do our best to bring you plenty of opportunities to expand your collection. We have recently added several hundred coins to our inventory and are planning to add more in just a few days!

Explore our lists to find the coins you need for your collection. I'm certain you will find something you will enjoy at a price that beats the competition.

Silver and Gold

Modern Bullion Coins. U.S., Canadian, Chinese, Australian, World
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Bust, Seated, Trade, Morgan, Peace, Ike, SBA, Sacagawea, Presidential
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New coins for 2017!

All the latest 2017 issued coins!
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Mint Issued Sets

U.S. Mint Packaged Sets, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, Proof Silver Eagles
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Certified Coins

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Obsolete Coins

Half Cents, Two Cents, Three Cents, Half Dimes, Twenty Cent Pieces
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Featured Items