Summer is finally here, but unfortunately, normal outdoor activities are somewhat restricted for many of us.  At least this will make a good time to enjoy your coin collecting passion, and we are ready to meet your needs. 

Our 20-page Collector’s Companion Catalog is now available in hard copy and online, with many more new listings.  You can print out the catalog from the catalog icon on this page, or call us and we will mail you a copy. There are hundreds of new items on this website that arrived too late to be included in the catalog, so search through our site to find the coins and currency you need.  Much of what is in Catalog 1014 is also still available, so take the time to go through that catalog, as well.

Watch for the 10% OFF banner throughout the catalog to save even more on the already affordably-priced inventory of coins and paper money. Be sure to use the discount code Summer10 when ordering.  We hope to hear from you soon … and stay safe!  You are welcome to come by our shop during business hours and inspect any coin currently offered.


     Here’s an update on the latest releases:  The 2020-S regular Proof Set and the 2020-S SILVER Proof Set are now available ... and all are gorgeous!  This year is the first time that all the silver coins in the 2020-S Proof Set are struck in 99.9% pure silver.

All the 2020-P and D Cents thru Dollars are also now in stock.  Fill out your sets today!

Silver and Gold

Modern Bullion Coins. U.S., Canadian, Chinese, Australian, World
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Bust, Seated, Trade, Morgan, Peace, Ike, SBA, Sacagawea, Presidential
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New coins for 2020!

All the latest 2020 issued coins!
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Mint Issued Sets

U.S. Mint Packaged Sets, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, Proof Silver Eagles
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Certified Coins

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Large and Small Size, Star Notes, Broken Bank Notes, National Bank Notes, Gold and Silver Certificates
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