Catalog No. 1018 is now available online and in hard copy, mailed to our regular customers on December 1.  This latest catalog contains so many coins new to our inventory, and a number of specials to help you have a more enjoyable holiday.  Also, throughout the month, we will be adding new material to our website.  Please look this catalog over carefully and get your order in early, as so many coins are certain to sell out.

We wish each of you a happy and healthy Holiday Season and we thank you for your trust in us over the past 44 years!

Silver and Gold

Modern Bullion Coins. U.S., Canadian, Chinese, Australian, World
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Bust, Seated, Trade, Morgan, Peace, Ike, SBA, Sacagawea, Presidential
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New coins for 2020!

All the latest 2020 issued coins!
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Mint Issued Sets

U.S. Mint Packaged Sets, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, Proof Silver Eagles
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Certified Coins

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Large and Small Size, Star Notes, Broken Bank Notes, National Bank Notes, Gold and Silver Certificates
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Featured Items