Half Cents

Early American Obsolete Half Cents

Minted 1793 to 1857

Early American Half Cents are one of the most fascinating of all U.S. coin series. These early copper obsolete coins were first issued in 1793 with mintage continuing for most years through 1857, with numerous Types and Varieties issued. All Half Cents are scarce in all grades. Look over our excellent selection, each carefully selected for quality and value. Choose the grade and price that works for you and take this opportunity to add to your Type Set, or start a date set today. Just think, all were issued before the Civil War! An exciting early issue ... a piece of our early American heritage.

Flowing Hair Half Cent: Minted 1793.

Liberty Cap Half Cent: Minted 1794 to 1797.

Draped Bust Half Cent: Minted 1800 to 1808.

Classic Half Cent: Minted 1809 to 1836.

Braided Hair Half Cent: Minted 1849 to 1857.

  • $99.00

  • 1793 Half Cent

    PCGS Fine Detail


  • 1807 Half Cent

    Extremely Fine


  • 1828 13 Star Half Cent

    Choice About Uncirculated


  • 1832 Half Cent

    Select Brilliant Uncirculated


  • $179.00

  • $219.00

  • $185.00