First U.S. Cent has Made an Appearance at the Baltimore Coin Expo

by Trevor Vance

One of the Few High-Grade Birch Cents Sold at Auction Last Thursday at the Baltimore Coin Expo for 1,175,000.00

                The Baltimore show was exciting and we were able to make some great purchases to add into our inventory over the next couple of weeks.
                One exciting purchase that occurred at the show, which we unfortunately were not part of, was the auctioning off of one of the few high-grade Birch Cents. The Birch cents were the first cents made by the United States of America in 1792 after most of the legislature agreed that having a Liberty image on the obverse of our coins would be more appropriate for the coinage of the new democracy than a representation of the president's head. This is one of only three or four high-grade examples known.  This example is certified as being About Uncirculated-58 by PCGS and has a great even color to it.

                  We might not ever be lucky enough to own one of these amazing pieces of history ourselves, but it is still exciting to see new pictures and get an updated idea of their value.