Will Our Coins Soon Be Made of Steel?

by Trevor Vance


House representatives from Ohio want to Make U.S. coins steel

                Cents and Sensibility, a bill that would require all U.S. cents, nickels, dimes and quarters to made from U.S. steel (with the cent being dipped in copper to retain its color), was reintroduced to the House of Representatives last week. It would replace the current system where the coins are made from copper, nickel and zinc, which are mainly imported from Canada, with the hope that it will lower the cost of production of the coins and give more of the money that is spent on them to American companies.

                I think this would be an interesting transition to see. First of all, how would the weight, look and feel of the coins differ? How would it effect the collectors' market? Would it effect vending and other coin-taking machines? Hopefully we will learn more about these and other aspects of the bill as it is rewritten in committee and  progresses through the house and senate.