Interesting News About the 2015 Kennedy Half Dollars

by Trevor Vance

The Mint has confirmed that all of the 2015 strike Kennedy half dollars will bear Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts'  1964 higher relief obverse resurrected for the Kennedy 50th Anniversary half dollars in 2014.

This plan from the mint means that 2015 will be only the third year of Kennedy half dollars with the high relief version of the obverse. Since this year the special design will be used for all the Kennedy half dollars, not just those in special sets, so it will be the first year since 1964 that the business strikes will bear the design. Given the excitement and the amount of collecting/hoarding when the coin was released in 1964 and the heightened interest in the special releases in 2014, it will be interesting to see the effect this news has on the market when the 2015 coins are released.