10 Mixed $1.00 Federal Reserve STAR Notes VF/XF

  • 10 Mixed $1.00 Federal Reserve STAR Notes VF/XF


Most of these are in the year-2000 range, and you are guaranteed to get at least three different years in this exciting mixed-date deal of evenly circulated, issue-free STAR notes! This deal will sell out quickly, so act now to avoid disappointment.

  • $119.00   On Sale  $139.00

  • $28.44

  • $44.00

  • $1.00 Manhattan Silver Mining Company

    Printed in Austin Nevada in the 1870s Authentic • Gem Crisp Uncirculated We are pleased to offer these authentic and scarce Notes from another era, from the true “Wild West”. Imagine what it must have been like in desolate Nevada nearly 150 years...


    Sorry, the $1.00 Manhattan Silver Mining Company is not currently available.

  • $1.00 Silver Certificates

    Average Circulated

    $22.50   On Sale  $200.00

  • $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 - Blue Seal, Green Seal, Red Seal Currency Trio

    VF/XF and Gem CU This little trio consists of a $1.00 Silver Certificate from 1957, a $2.00 Federal Reserve note from 1976, and a $5.00 United States note from the 1950s or 60s. The Silver Certificate and United States Notes are strong VF/XF notes...


  • $10 1934 A North Africa Silver Certificate

    Attractive Fine Condition


  • $10 Indian Gold Coins

    Uncirculated Condition