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Seated Liberty Halves

Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Minted 1839 to 1891

What an exciting series to collect! 1839 was a transition year for the silver half dollar, with both Capped Bust Halves and Seated Liberty Halves being struck that year. Minting of the Seated Liberty Half continued through 1891 with several notable varieties being issued, including the Drapery variety, a variety with No Motto, as well as the very popular Arrows and Rays variety. Several years have the Arrows at the date to signify a change in the weight of the coin. Interestingly, Seated Liberty Halves were struck in Philadelphia, Carson City, and San Francisco for most of their life, but only struck at the New Orleans mint until 1861 when the Mint was captured by the confederacy. No Seated Liberty Half Dollars were minted at New Orleans after that date.

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