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Draped bust quarters and capped bust quarters

Draped Bust Quarters

Minted 1796 to 1807

Capped Bust Quarters

Minted 1815 to 1838

All Quarters are in strong demand, but these earliest quarters are by far the most rare. Struck only at the Philadelphia mint, the Draped Bust Quarters (1796 to 1807) and Capped Bust Quarters (1815 to 1838) are difficult to find in ANY grade and, based on scarcity, are worth far more than prices indicate. Each coin has been carefully selected to enhance your collection. Choose the grade and price that works for you! But don’t delay ... if miss out on a coin, it could be quite a while before you get another chance. This list changes constantly; if you don’t see what you need, please check back often.

  • 1818/5 Bust Quarter

    Extremely Fine


  • $839.00

  • $1,650.00

  • 1836 Bust Quarter

    Extremely Fine


  • 1838 Bust Quarter

    Select Brilliant Uncirculated