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    U.S. Silver Dimes and Clad Dimes

    Minted 1796 to date

    Dimes have long been one of the most desirable series to collect.  Build an entire set, or consider a Type Set containing one of each design.


    The dime is a popular denomination for both commerce and for collecting. Dimes were struck in 90% silver from 1796 through 1964, with occasional Proof issues made in silver after that date.

    Draped Bust Dimes: Minted 1796 to 1807. The earliest Type depicted a small eagle on the reverse for the first 2 years, with the heraldic eagle on the reverse for the remainder of the series.

    Capped Bust Dimes: Minted 1809 to 1837. For this series, the bust of Lady Liberty is wearing a liberty cap. There are numerous die varieties, making this an interesting and challenging series to complete.

    Seated Liberty Dimes: Minted 1837 to 1891. This is a hugely popular series, with so many dates that can be affordably obtained. Major varieties include “No Stars”, “Stars”, “No Drapery”, “Arrows at Date” and the legend “United States of America” on the obverse.

    Barber Dimes: Minted 1892 to 1916. A very popular series, with a long run of dates and mintmarks, with almost no varieties. Almost all issues are quite affordable in the lower grades, with only a few KEY DATES: 1892-S, 1895-O, 1896-O, 1896-S, 1897-O, 1901-S and 1903-S.

    Mercury or Winged Liberty Dimes: Minted 1916 to 1945. This coin was issued as a response to the Great War. This series is quite straightforward, having only a few notable die varieties including the 1942/1, 1942/1-D, and the 1945 Micro S. An exciting set to collect, with most dates and mintmarks affordable in BU condition, and nearly all affordable in lower grades. The KEY DATES of the series are the 1916-D, 1921-P, and 1921-D. Silver Proofs were struck from 1936 to 1942, each commanding a high price due to their tiny mintages and the strong demand.

    Roosevelt Dimes: Minted 1946 to date. This series was struck in 90% silver through 1964, with occasional silver Proof coins after that date, specifically a silver dime in the silver S-mint Proof Sets from 1992 to date. Philadelphia mint silver Proofs were also struck from 1950 through 1964. All coins in this series are affordable and the easily obtainable, even in high grades.

    284 products

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